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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


It wasn't bad. In fact the animation was great. However, it wasn't and "epic battle" as advertised. And also, it was rather short. You should have made it a little bit longer and well, with a bit more humor.

nothing to get.

damn yomomma, you stupid, there is nothing to get... its a simplistic joke kinda thing... its like you see a preview for the movie and it looks fucking great but it turns out to be a 5 second clip of a guy putting on a shirt, and its lame as shit.

I'm confused...

I'm not giving this a 0 because it's not very good, I'm giving it a 0 because I hardly call it a flash. I'm sure that it could be expanded to a great idea and the animation was pretty well done. However, when push comes to shove, it's just a couple of 5 second animations of people getting dressed. It just...doesn't make much sense to me.

Luis responds:

well.. atleast they did manage to get into their clothes... well the skinny guy anyway.. :/

It's terrible

It's not funny, there is no sound, and it's not entertaining. Ha ha ha, he didn't fit into the shirt. Hilarious.


that was a waste of 5 seconds dont post crap like this. if it had some story maybe it would be better :(