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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


Ok then. I got a very very tiny chuckle out of thise because I'm sitting here thinking... Why the hell would someone even bother. I ended up giving you a 3 because your animation was atleast really good. Other than that, all i can say is FAIL! ; p

Luis responds:

ok sounds fair. atleast we managed to wrestle a 3 out of you.


wut was that supposed to even be about lol, but, i guess it had some good animation in it but it was realy weird so that i give u a 3....


It wasn't bad. In fact the animation was great. However, it wasn't and "epic battle" as advertised. And also, it was rather short. You should have made it a little bit longer and well, with a bit more humor.

newsflash for Tom!!

just because Luis is the artist doesn't automatically make this front-page material.

Luis responds:


nothing to get.

damn yomomma, you stupid, there is nothing to get... its a simplistic joke kinda thing... its like you see a preview for the movie and it looks fucking great but it turns out to be a 5 second clip of a guy putting on a shirt, and its lame as shit.