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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


i mean, good animation, but first page for this?

I'm confused...

I'm not giving this a 0 because it's not very good, I'm giving it a 0 because I hardly call it a flash. I'm sure that it could be expanded to a great idea and the animation was pretty well done. However, when push comes to shove, it's just a couple of 5 second animations of people getting dressed. It just...doesn't make much sense to me.

Luis responds:

well.. atleast they did manage to get into their clothes... well the skinny guy anyway.. :/

i lol'd so hard

i think that was funny

Voteing on what?

This would be much easier to write if I actually knew what exactly I was supposed to be reviewing in a review. In terms of animation quality, this was great, the actions were very thorough, good aniticipation and follow through. There was not much too it though. Just 2 tiny short anims. There was not really any sound to critique either. I guess you get a 6, cause the animating was awesome.


very fluid and easy on the eyes, coulda used some sound though