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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


well, first time i saw the icon of this flash at the front page i though you would do something like resolving the "endless Mystery" why the F* has donald duck no pants on (but when he comes out of the shower he hides his balls with a towel..?)
and why does mickey don't wear any shirts? well i was wrong..
it was short, good animated, could be bit longer and better but i have to give you a 7/10 because i just got to see what it said: Shirt 'n' Pants O_o


Very smooth animation, awesome stuff but you should at least add some sound effects and some special effects before posting. Not only it would make it a lot more funny but it would add more depth. Don't rush.

u may call me stupid

however i dunno recommendo, but i did't get it at all, 4 cuz of the sharp animation

fat dude

i liked it
the shirt one made me lol

i'm confuzzled

I have no idea how to express my views on this i hated it an i loved it i envy that u were on the front page but at the same time i think it was retarded for u to be there......even though it wasn't so hopefully u see my confusion anyway u certainly managed to do something revolutionary.