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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


What the hell is this shit...


It wasn't bad. In fact the animation was great. However, it wasn't and "epic battle" as advertised. And also, it was rather short. You should have made it a little bit longer and well, with a bit more humor.


it's not that bad, but just waaaaaay too short. and i think this only got on the front page because luis worked on this, because otherwise my flashes would be on the front page long ago, and other peoples too. just don't spam again.

Too short

The animation was too short, but I will say the animation itself was good at least. Word of advice, if you're going to make flashes only lasting a few seconds, have a bunch of explosions or something.

Makes me wish i wore pants today.

I won't even bother saying this is a really short piece. you made it. of course you know its short. I'm giving you an 8 based solely on the art style. Fluid and awesome. good for you. To me newgrounds is an art site. Its not about length. I's rather see a 5 second quality piece than a 5 minute crap fest. Keep up the awesome sauce.