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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"

I enjoy your responses

Waste of whose time? It took, what, 10 seconds to finish watching both AND load the movie! Jeeeeez... impatient people.
I animate, on occaision, although rarely finish things.
This kind of mini-thing is what I probably should do, just to get my skills up and such.
But bleh...


The "shirt" one was slightly funny. The "pants" one was drawn better. But in the end, each wasn't even five seconds long, or had a story, or... were interesting. Seriously, what the fuck? Get some quality up in this bitch. Besides, forum references and jokes in animation are retarded and stupid.

Luis responds:

i dont know what is more retarded.. the movie or your analysis.. anyway you clearly arent an animator and the 'forum references' were aimed at animators so ya... move along.

I'm an animator too.

Sadly, I don't use flash so I can't post anything to Newgrounds. But honestly, if you want to make a wwekly flash-off, please make them more interesting than this. In my book "a few hours" doesn't actually come to me as "worked very hard". That's when the phrase "a few weeks" comes in, in a few hours I can crank out something of the same style but with more flair.

I was uninterested, but I'm not saying "give up and die" just saying show me a little more! Keep it up.

Luis responds:

thanks you make a powerful point. Herculean one might even say.

Nice animation...

Some people here don't seem to get the point... ^^


All i can say is that the animation was good.
But, i really don't get it. Must be some inside joke.

Luis responds:

sadly no. we just felt like animating people getting into clothes.