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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"

nice animation test

nice animation test, but I don't feel it deserves the front page.

Lucky you, I guess.

Luis responds:

yeah it was quite fortunate or unfortunate.. as everyone hates us now!

I like both of them

i like that it applies to my life...cuz i put on a shirt n pants every day.


well i see talent, shirt was funny pants was just a dude putting pants on, really smooth animation though. was thinking the bear was going to be involved but i guess not, would love to see some more of your work and a flash that has more in it :)

Luis responds:

yeah the bear wasnt feeling well :(


Ok then. I got a very very tiny chuckle out of thise because I'm sitting here thinking... Why the hell would someone even bother. I ended up giving you a 3 because your animation was atleast really good. Other than that, all i can say is FAIL! ; p

Luis responds:

ok sounds fair. atleast we managed to wrestle a 3 out of you.

I see potential

Well the sound quality was good, for the single sentence of it that there was any sound, animations style was decent, The ability to split screen the two animated choices was unique, the animation itself was, in relative terms, incredible by comparison to some.
The problems are obviously that it's too short.
As far as being the groundwork for what could become the foundation of the collaborative efforts of three or more experienced flash piece submitters, I would say that there is, looking at this alone, an incredible potential for the kind of flash of quality we are not used to being exposed.
That's where I stand. 7/10