Reviews for "3000 AD"


This game is AWESOME. Massively fun, with great upgrades and the ability to really customize the way you wanted to play. My only problem is that you have too few things to buy with the mountains of money you end up getting in the last few levels. I was maxed out in equipment by like level 7, so had nothing to do. Maybe least make cooling/armor/engine upgrades open ended?

Otherwise, I love this game. Rock on.


Very neat game, I much enjoyed it. It was a little short, but that's no big deal in a free flash game. otherwise, it was as good as any game on here.

Enjoyable way to waste time at work :)

Sweet game bro :)

Any game that involves mecha is fine by me. Except for MechQuest.


Very impressive game. I was hooked to it until I got through all the missions. Quite a bit of variety, good sound effects, and a good choice for a flashback game. I also liked how standing in the water improved the rate of cooling down (not many people think of doing that when creating games). One thing missing was the fact that there were no difficulty choice. Another thing that could have made it interesting would be to give optional objectives that would net more cash and possibly unlock new weaponry. All in all, very nice job.


the guy with the lashback was right this is awesome just like the snes just awesome