Reviews for "Body Ladder"

good but

no pause and when i jumped i got stuck in the bodys and only coul use psi and psi takes a long time to go up 1.


Got all the way to space or the atomshpere. Make a new one but with better and more I mean alot of weapons like 20 kills get you new weaopns but like put 50 weapons on here.

it rules

okay im not going to lie on my blamming spree i have been even more evilerish than usual as such i have been looking out for anything that i can pick on that game has too much advertising you should give him guns to start the enemies should be slower then even when i put all that aside you cant pause the game so what you got an important call and somebody at the door so you leave a note and an answer box saying im playing some none-pausable game i found on newgrounds? and then you could make it ten times better by making a bigger space to kill in and giving enemies weapons every ounce and a while but still it rules you should seriousely think about making a sequel 10/10 it whould be a nine but i love the gore.


my hands started hurting and the link almost killed me
anyways,good game.


I... I made it to the top... they just kept on comming...just kept comming i i made some walls... to make me safe... they climmed over... I shot them... I... I made a rood of dead bodys... they climed on top of the roof but they coudnt get in... finaly im safe from thouse zombies in my dead zombie mansion HURRAY 10 stars 5/5