Reviews for "Body Ladder"


That game is brilliant can't see anything wrong with it apart from maybe the screen could be a little wider, but, seriously dude you've got some skill.


ive came up with a startedgy.when u get invincability throw a grenade at the floor then BOOM and it doesnt hurt u.^^ great game tho

IMPOSSIBLE with a laptop

can't wait to play on a normal comp.

great game.

great concept..

original... fun... weapons need a little work... saws slow... pistols weak... but other than that... dont change a thing...


WOO!! 52253!! Great game!! But ppl can go on waaay longer than to 60. so I would like more weapons than the ones already in there. I was up somewhere in space man! GREAT GAME!! Fun, idiotic and Im geting realy adictive to it.