Reviews for "Body Ladder"


it was awesome.
plz make a sequel with like maxr said throwing power.
and a psycic power to stack the body's.
and a new weapon could be a stick or something.
the only flaw was it never ended.
you should make somekind of a story mode and a survival mode.

really good

good game, guess more weapons would be cool

nice game

It gets easy when u get pistols.It gets boring after a while.My score was 105000 more or less.Note: Make a huge pile on one side and stand RIGHT NEXT TO IT and shoot the clones on the other side.The ones on the "pile side" will go to the top and just flap their arms trying to kill you.If u have enormous patience u can set a record in this thing.

Fucking hard

Dude after the bat you get a axe (1-hit kill) but only the tip of the axe kills for me it's kindda downgrade but that didnt afect the overall game score because it's a great concept


i LOVE this game i spent 4 hours playing it!!!!!