Reviews for "Body Ladder"

very challenging

But still addictive. One of the best zombie games on NG.

hey can u answer this 1

can u help me get farther i only got to the axe i no i noob =( =)

got lame

it was all gud with kombat but kud use mor wepons and th ability to swap wepons also a grenade throw bar wont kill u with maby some grenade refills falling from the sky but hey 10/10


This game brings randomness and zombies together, and what happens when you get those together? MOAR FUN!!!

Cartoon graphics Yes, but this game will have you addicted right when you start playing! You can play this over and over and over again and it's bound to give you a good laugh or just disappointment of losing, either way you are probably going to play this 2 or more times.

Not the best graphics? Maybe. FUCKING AWESOME??? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!


amazing game. The best strategy is to build up 2 piles around you and the zombies cant get to you.