Reviews for "Body Ladder"


Cool idea, fun game :D

Simple and addicting.

But it does miss some things. I think a body count would be fun, and as others have said, more weapons.

Needs some updates.

Like increase our speed, make the eviroment bigger and interactive, weapons at the start of the game, a slow and small constant life regeneration, and weaker zombies that get stronger over time.

Fun until the buggies get ya.

I enjoyed it a lot, but when I was trying to jump back up to the top of my ladder after retrieving one of the invincibility power-ups, I got snagged on a corpse and couldn't move: I was just stuck in the jump animation. Oh, and I also opened the link to your site like, a dozen times. You should just put one on the game over/submit score screen, if you ask me.
Other than those two things, it was fun and animated smoothly. Keep 'em coming~


AWSOME! I got the game to glitch somehow though once I got a full yellow bar, and had to restart my computer. But it was fun, managed to make a hill of bodies around me so I couldnt get attacked but could esplode thier heads. Only got to likw 29000 though.