Reviews for "Body Ladder"

High Score plus good game!

Hey good ragdolls and physics puy into the game and i got 47542 as i a high score beat that ppl lool i did glitch the zombies but that counts hehehe *i cry in pain for my hand*

woot! the guy below me is a fag

i got into space!!!
the axe is the best wepon the guns suck arse


That score on the first try... Y'know how?

I found a little way of pretty much ensuring no clones Ever reach you... it's a little cheesy - and once you get the Duellies it becomes almost insultingly easy...

Having said that - IT'S A MASSIVE BUCKET OF FUN!!! Top shelf - and I know a few people that'll love it almost as much as I did.


It was a seriously fun game, the characters were kinda cute and I also liked the music :D


Who the Fu** Wants to rule the world? Just making more and rule the world will cause the world to be filled with zombies then the mentor will suicide of the zombies in the fu**ing world