Reviews for "Soul Core"


I love this series and I surprisingly liked the storyline when it all came to light.
Really enjoyed the date/coordinate system and having multiple endings and being able to use (or not use) the soul boosters.

Only complaint is the dates changing. I write stuff down so when I was replaying I'd have to change a bunch of it. :( But that's only a small personal preference.

I've had a lot of fun playing. :3

Good Game. Very replayable.

I'm a huge fan of the series. I love the way you tied in all of the previous games. The puzzles are always fresh and they vary from the predecessors. The variations in terms of differing days, eye color, and hair color, location of spawned data gems, etc. . . makes the game very replayable. The story is interesting and the gameplay is engaging.


This game is awesome, just like the other four games, which I have beaten. Sweet series.


I had to play through twice to get the super cute ending, but it was worth it. :3

-1 for the bug

i ended with 105% soul, and the game won't let me end.


otherwise, it'sa nice way to round out the series.