Reviews for "Soul Core"

Seems promising.

Due to it looking like a superb game and having very nice ambient music, I'm awarding this a 10/10. However, I'm completely stuck at the first puzzle, where you need to rotate the door spheres. I've lined it up so a line clearly travels to the endpoint, which didn't work. I also tried making a clear line that ran through all 3 center circles and connected the beginning and endpoints, but that didn't work either. Only suggestion would be to make the puzzle more obvious, I have no idea how I'm supposed to rotate it.


I really enjoyed this game, with nothing being too difficult
One comment, I think the hair issue needs to be resolved, as mine didnt match up with the options available


Great Job


call that challenging?i was like,where the fuck did she go!?! and i went outside the building and there she was! XD blonde bitch,im gonna need to put a tracker on yo skanky ass! lmao

perhaps voices?

really really good although if u could please u could re-upload with voices but warn everone that there is vices in the game and it is very large im sure alot of people wouldnt worry just for the voices can u take it into consideration?

Well worth the wait

This game was excellent! I can find absoultly no problems with it at all! The artwork, the music , the backgrounds, the difficulty and the fun were all top notch! I didn't have to make nay kinds of unrealistic ideas to solve the problems. Everything was clearly laid out but in a way it was actually challenging. Alot of these types of games have this problem where it's too hard to simply too easy.
One tiny thing would be when you have to look at yourself in the mirror it would be nice if youcould say what hair color it was. I had to replay the game since I though at first the guy's hair was red not brown. Anyway back to praising you! I enjoyed this game so much I had to replay it 3 times to fianlly get 100% and everytime I loved it. 1st I had to play again since I didn't know you had to scarech for those boosters 2nd because I didn't know the hair and eye color had to match.
Anyway I shall be voting 5 everyday on this entry just because it's so damn good! If you ever need a voice acter for one of your characters please give me a call I'll give up anything to have the honor to play as one of your characters even if it isn't in a "core" game!

I also have a few questions about the game plot. How come in Prism Core your transported to Paradise but your already on it? Is the main character a companion for another person since they had to go the training that his clone went through. Where do the sewers lead in the Camera and Print-Out ending? Was Sphere and Cube core just VR training? Did the main character have to go through the three trainings to build up his own soul raiting? What has happened to the original inhabitents of ther planet Soul is based upon? Geez I have so many questions I will need another review to ask them all!

Lazarou responds:

Thanks a lot for such a nice review.

Regarding the mirror, I added mousover text for the eye colour, but I thought that the hair would be easy to tell. I guess I should never assume anything though ;)

My problem with putting voices into the game is that the more audio I add, the larger the game file becomes. It is already 6mb as it is, with 80% of that being the game music and sound effects. It can seriously make a difference to some people without lightning fast connections, having to wait 20 minutes for a game to download isn't fun for everyone! I will consider it maybe in the future though.

The Utopia you are teleported to at the end of prism core IS earth in the future. All disease, poverty and crime has been wiped out, it is a beautiful and peaceful world. The only problem is that no one lives there anymore because of the deadly radiation!
The prism lab is like the final test of a candidates worth, if they are not able to use all of the technology or they dont understand how things work, they are rejected and are left to wander around in the grounds outside the city. The core project only has room for the best!
The fate of those clones who dont make the grade is definately a possible subject for a future game.

And just to clarify, the main character (ie the one you play) IS a clone too, and has gone through everything he is putting the new clone through. Its all part of the master plan of the core project.