Reviews for "Soul Core"

Loved it

Really loved the game, very interesting and liked how you tied in why the char had gone through the other games. Voted 5 gave it an 8 cause a lot of the text is tiny and it needed more content. Keep up the good work i look forward to future content.

Also as a hint for all thoughs who want to get 100%
1) they probably would get along better if they looked alike
2) when your companion is in training feel free to look around the compund and grounds you never know what you might find

My brain is fried!

I loved the "core" series of games. This was a great ending to a great series. I would have liked a better ending though. Still, it really tried my logic and made me realize how dumb I am...

Go play the other "Core" room escape games if you haven't yet!

darn it

i can ont solve any of those crazy hard puzzles

really nice game 10/10

i liked it a lot a really good game with a good story

very interesting game to say the least

i got a 85% rating, guessing thats borderline lowest to complete the game but i felt i did pretty good, just didnt figure out the remaining chrono's to get that 100%.

it was a very enjoyable game so thanks!