Reviews for "Soul Core"


Very nice. Reminded somewhat of the Submachine series (though the first few in your series even more so). I'm a big fan of the point and click adventure, and it's always nice to see one that's truly put together well and entertaining.

One suggestion I might make is to eliminate the timing element in the game (the bonuses during the countdowns). I rather enjoy going at my own pace in this type of game, but that's just my opinion. I also liked the map feature, made it really easy to navigate to the different rooms. Also like the time-travelly thing

Great work.

very good

it was very hard but i know a good walktrough e-mail mine account to know the site


everytime i put in the date it says it was reject and i got on the walkthrought i was putting in the tright date...i know they change eveyrtime u get on here but i was putting in the last date that i found just like it says

Amazing and everything but.......

I cant get into the research facility. Im not clever enough to do it! Help! i have all the little circles and have put them into the lock thingy, but i cant get it to open!

good but....

well, its kinda hard for me to read the park-coordinations, anything exept that is good