Reviews for "Soul Core"

yah ok

its a good game and all but i exited out because the lettering was just so frustrating and small that i got pissed off.

i loved it

I like the point-and-click adventure games, and this one seemed to be a completely new experience for me. Usually I'm on some ridiculous quest or escaping a room, but this scenario was completely original. I thought it was really cool how about half the game was dedicated to training and forming a clone, and it made the whole experience much more interactive. It didn't feel like most adventure games, where everything you pick up has one minute function. Very well done, I hope to see more


i loved it, smart connections


This game makes a great follow up to the 3 that preceded it. It has more plot, and at least offers some sense of direction. The puzzles in this one were actually much easier than in the other 3.

The er, "Things" that randomly appeared were a huge pain. On my second play through I found one by accident because I misclicked, if I hadn't I would never have known what to do.

Btw, Elfshire isn't lying, there is a glitch for over 100%, I can confirm.
If you click on a certain button at just the right moment, you might get 2 things to charge XX up ~successively~.

I've got to admit though, I sort of miss the relative difficulty of some of the others (namely prism core with the power core item - Try it People!).

Interesting, but needs polish.

This was a fairly striaghtforward puzzle game with a great concept for its backstory, nice music, and while the puzzles themselves weren't incredibly challenging, they weren't incredibly frustrating either, which is much more than I can say for a lot of the other good puzzle games out there.

Your game only has two major flaws that I can see.

First, you took a pretty big leap there, expecting anyone to be able to solve the game with 100% soul without looking up a walkthrough. A scavenger hunt? Seriously? How the hell were we supposed to know that magical glowing symbols that gave XX a +5% to her soul rating would just suddenly appear? Next time, at least HINT at the fact that something like that is happening.

Secondly, I went back for a second try after I found out how to get the 'special' ending. Only now, I can't see it, because I have UBER-SOLVED this game. That's right. I've finished it with 105% soul. Subject XX is now a goddess on Neo Earth.

I've taken a screenshot of this accomplishment, so all of you who boast over mere 100% can look on in despair once I post it to my profile (if you want to believe it's been shopped, you're welcome to think that). No, I didn't use any kind of hacking software, I just exploited a glitch in the game allowing you to completely bypass the use of the fuse.

Anyway, I'd give you points for that if it didn't keep me from seeing the ending. Oh, well.