Reviews for "Soul Core"

Great job

You've surely made an interesting game there.
I like the pokeball and triforce cameo.

The only falling points on this game is that there is too much text.
You have forgotten that half the users of the internet these days are either illiterate or has a pathetic attention span.

My suggestion is to make multiple pages of notes to page through while displaying one or two sentences at once to keep the players from feeling overwhelmed.

Horrid text

As soon as i saw the welcome text i gave up...too difficult to read...you really should fix that, ill just give a nine because it seems to be a good game

Lazarou responds:

*Wall of text crits you for 1337 damage*
*you die*

This is what happens when I try to give my games a bit of back story!

good game but i have a question

was the girl made to be the dudes wife or some thing

Lazarou responds:

something like that.


pretty fun game

It is a pretty fun.. or, well, interesting game, and you have to use your puzzle solving thinking to figure the stuff out, at least as far as I got before I froze the whole thing because I tried to zoom in because

--the text is WAY too small and hard to read!!--

that is the only problem I found with it, that's why I still gave it an 8. I bet it would have been a good game had I finished it. I'm usually not one to leave a point 'n click adventure, but the text was horrible.


its a good game with cool music but im stuck at the door and i have no hints on what to do o.o