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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"




I could say it was okay, I liked the custom. the difficulty change for the styles from twat or twit which everone it was to casual gamer was a big difference and there needs to be some new magic or weapons. btw you need to get rid of the missles or the fire breath becaue they are a real pain. also could some one tell password for final difficulty please......

The best bit was your mouth sounds on the credits.

...and that ain't a compliment. Nice try though.


dude what the hell that sucked! a 0 for vote and a 3 for this cuz of the controls. come on man the turtle was godly in one level and a sack of wimpy crap at the one below it! why put the easy mode in anyway if you know a 2 year old could kill him??? the turtle shouldnt breath fire when he is next to you cuz u will die in one hit!

God I hate you

This game has all the basics for it to be good, but of course it's boring and repetitive and while the easy modes are ridicuously so the other levels are just insanely hard, besides there's only one way to beat it so it's boring. Try adding different platforms increasing the way the level up works, better weapon new magic, like otherwise you have a turtle walking at you that you shoot with fire... the end.