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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

fun but.....

I think that the game was bad quality try making the pictures and artwork better.

good but...

the sword is usless, and the make you own game was fun.

good game :)

i played on twat ( i fink it sed dat :S) and found it reall y easy so i tries the supersauce or whatever and found it a lot harder and funnner :) a great game, not as good as castle crashing the beard but still a good fun game.

Serouisly WTH

First i can kill the turtle in 10 shots from magic or 14 shots from a sword and thats on tough second its nothing like castle crasher= -5000/10

lol at the n00b reviewers

It makes me laugh at the people who play on pansy and wonder why its no fun...

But for a review of the game, it's actually really fun. I'd like to see the secret difficulty though.