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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"


I can't give you too high of a score, because the graphics weren't much of an eyepleaser. It is a nice try, but I can't say that it is too great. The gameplay was pretty fun, but nothing too addictive and fun. It would be better as a minigame, as it isn't too long and doesn't make you stay for that long. Look at the Castle Crashers graphics more, and maybe make more levels. Nice try, but work on it harder next time.

FlaskMan responds:

aiight will do


Kinda funny I think...8 for your try and 4/5

FlaskMan responds:



Blue! Good job, much improved!

FlaskMan responds:

Woot blue really! whoop!

oh my lawd was that weird

my head asplode. your head asplode. 's all the same.

other than the background the graphics were pretty impressive. good work.

FlaskMan responds:

thanks much

much better

this is much better than the last version. Good work on the improvements and i hope to see a sequel sometime in the near feature. perhaps with a multiplayer function

FlaskMan responds:

i want to get into single players before i get my head asploded with multiplayer stuff lol.
(if youve never heard your head asplode.. im sorry for you)