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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

good game

level 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999 knight
74 speed
74 jump
1til level up
turtle hp 1
i call it superdupermegamonkeycouldbeatiteasymo de


not the best so im givin you a 2.i dont want to sound mean(and im not lying)buuuuuuuut that was so crap(no offense) plz make more but with platfoirms and give the turtle less weps and like make the cc hero evolve like on ccing the beard.plz make a new one with all my ideas plz i wud love it!!!

FlaskMan responds:

so basically make it more like Castle Crashing the beard in every way? nah i think ill keep my own game


Pretty good game
Level 90 knight
20 movespeed
25 jump
400 til level
350000 Turtle HP.
Fun fun =)

FlaskMan responds:

XD very much so

Wasnt so bad.

i dont know.
i didnt enjoy it that much.
though i was okay
typical boss fights..
would be better if you could fix the graphics
and put in some extra stuff
like fighting small turtles first
b4 goin to so OMG turtle boss
and omfg 8 difficulties?!
i didnt even bother tryin to play it at the hardest difficulty
figured it would probably
make me crazy
so i just played it on pansy
and a few more difficulties
but yeah pansy was..
so sissy like
great job nonetheless.

FlaskMan responds:

thanks again


on custom difficulty ahah i put move-speed at 450 i couldnt even see the character LOL then i put the jump height at 400 and my guy didnt come down FOREVER ahaha it took hella long.. halarious omfg asdfalskjgha

FlaskMan responds:

yeah i had fun making that feature XD