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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

not the best

its a little weird

FlaskMan responds:

that is the point lol


But the missiles will hit you consecutively if you are grounded when it explodes

FlaskMan responds:

depends on his health

'T was okay

I read your reply to someone's comment about the lag in the old upload, and I'm gonna take a guess that it's because so many things are moving at the same time. It mostly lags when the camera's moving in the tutorial, but when it's not its rather smooth.

I'm gonna say that all the missiles in the fight are also causing the lag. 'Tis a shame. I suggest finding some way around coding all the movement, and you'll probably get a better score from people.

Also, the graphics on the turtle thing could do with cleaning up a bit.

Other than that though, it's a pretty good game! :) Good work!

FlaskMan responds:



lol i loved this little game, i tryed it on the first two lvls then had a go a a custom difficulty >< next time i wont set my jump hight @ 400 LOL
if you did this with different sized turtles over different lvls and harder turtles for the bigger they are or something the this would be even awesomer! or something

FlaskMan responds:

yes 400 jump height is fun, you dont even have an animation anymore, you just poof up and poof down

Dude, you are an excellent programmer.

The game was fun, the art was pretty well-done, and it was just fantastic.

I would like to have a chat with you...

FlaskMan responds:

oooh a chat ^_^