Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"


I would play with her melons anyday!!! *drools* those anime chicka's were very well done and animated.

you used abit of photoshop too?

*the score nine was because of the quality of pixels* but a fine hentai musik vid!

d-z responds:

Yeah for the backgrounds and vehicles and wet stuff!

awesome but

i dont understand what does bukakke mean

d-z responds:

There's a real bukakke udon you can order in japanese restaurants and there's another type of bukakke you could not. It's an erotic act where a woman is naked before a bunch of masturbating men.

Why dont you perfect your animation and

Make hentai shorts, animated chicks like that are whay hotter then your cruddy tweened hentai games. you should def look into hentai Art still picture and short hentai animation just saying. but yea it was good. 5/5 10/10

That was the best

The Animation was a unique style, well unique to me which is great.
Funny story line.
And Joels the best :D

you animated this?

yes no? ohw long'd it take?

d-z responds:

Yeah, that's 3 months on and off. Did you like it?