Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"


... the fuck??? Lol. Pretty sweet video ha. Didn't have much point,... which I liked!

How can this confuse anyone? =D

This is an awesome video and great song. The only complaint I have is that it could be a tad better quality, but you've addressed that and it's all good. Oh, and for whoever can't figure it out, press the steaming bowl of soup button on the newspaper's picture to start it. Also, how can anyone find this confusing, it's simple.
Women are being captured and turned into a microwavable instant dish (bukakke udon I'm guessing) and the band has to save them. With Joel the bassist, Dong the guitarist, the black samurai dude, and that one guy with the name that's hard to spell who was incognito in that ship until they attacked. They start mauling everyone, then Chuck Norris comes and starts destroying them, but Joel the awesomeness destroys Chuck Norris. After that the Hentai Queen comes out and the sheep turns into a gundam and shoots itself out of a chest cannon and takes her down, then they save everyone.

How could that confuse anyone? :)

Great song but weird

This is a great song and I am enjoying it alot. The animation confused the heck outta me but a great song.

i did enjoy that song....

nice job... even though the quality was kind of messed up i still enjoyed... keep it up

was there supposed to be a movie?

all i saw was a newspaper with naked chicks on it, no movie. not even a play button