Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"


For those who Don't know Bukkake is known as a Japanese word for Sperm (Or Cum How you like to say it) Yes i know the fact is weird but i atacauly like this song So you guys Deserve All Mai Fives For One. and All 10 Stars Peace O:<


isn't bukakke a japanese word for facial orgy or something like that..
then where's the sexual interaction, where's all the fun, where's the sperm flying through the air and all the actions.

but i might say that this was quite a flash
so basically. It's great....That is all there is to it

I wanna know the lyrics!

Great music video but i wanna know the lyrics ;D

its really funny

those juggs are so big
your flash technique is one of the best
the chuck norris thing is getting a little old now
but he sure kicks ass
the why the fuck does the hentai queen have horns instead of nipples
job well done
im still looking forward for more P.T. series


i like bukakke!