Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"

Thats a lotta stuff...

Acid trip in animation form. Needs more shittin' dick nipples tho...

WOW odd

only one word can describe this ''Random'' but good
Keep it up


I dont know why, but i totally love this animation and the song %)
Watched 5 times in a row.

Makes me think of

Reminds me of Heavy Metal... and if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean.

Im not gonna lie denzel-crocker...

I've been really craving a new Perverted Tales and i know that you've been working on this and all but the fact that you finally come out with something new and its NOT PT, kinda sucks. Thus it may have an effect on my judgement so i give it a 7.

The damn song was stuck in my head all day and Lolz at "Corrupted Chuck Norris"