Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"

Hooray for hentai babes!! and astroninja

Wow dudes that was some seriously fucked up awesomeness! I didn't know that you guys love hentai too :D BTW I totally downloaded your album. My favorites are LuCkY CuCuMbeR, Anthem of the Ordinary, and Chuck Norris (seriously you guys have an unhealthy obsession with Chuck Norris lol jk) I was thinking about making flashes based on your songs but then I remembered five minutes later that I suck at flashmaking. Anyway heres to you guys and your awesome singingguitarplayingsexmakingchucknor rispraising songs. Word to da Indie luv!


great vid and im a huge fan of the band. I hope i see more of your music videos and the animation is awesome


Great song
Great band!!!

Whats today

I love it but I got questions. Doesn't Bukakke mean jizzing on somone face or something. Lastly the video reminds of an 1984 music video. But I like it so keep at its

d-z responds:

Thanks, im old i know lol


I'm definitely gonna grab a cd.
Bobby the Sheep FTW!