Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"

You do not dissapoint

You make me feel happy inside.

lovely donely

compared to other previous works...were you on a massive high? i enjoy your other works with your "unique" artistic style but, this was...you could say, alot more...colourful.

extremely random, confusing, but nonetheless i enjoyed it. i'll have to somehow find the music because it was, nice. :)


Chica-wa SWEET!!! Nice vid. One thing I did notice is when Joel was fighting that blue guy it looed liked MORTAL COMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW o.O!!!

i mean wow... it looked like a anime opening or an ending.. was so coool... really really awesome.... i love your job... and astro ninjas xD


cant stand the norris, would have like his ass to be kicked some more, but gotta love the bobby XD