Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 3 (Scrapped)"

Shouldn't have been scrapped

Seriously, good direction here. The only problems are grsmmer and you could add a feature like Alvin Earthworm has where you press space to advance the text.

Tarnish responds:

Mhm, thx for the opinion/advices.


The storyline was a joke. Eggman and Shadow are not responsible for Cosmo's death;
1- Cosmo had to sacrifice herself
2- Shadow was needed to aid Sonic in the final battle
3- Eggman and his ship were needed to energize the Sonic Power Cannon.

I understand that this is an old idea of yours, but it was terrible. The animation and quality was good though, and I like the custom Tails sprites. A lot of work seemed to have been put into them. One more thing; find some better background/ground sprites.

Since you did say that this is an old idea to you, it means that you have realized your mistake on this series. I'm sure you'll release better flashes in the future, so you should be fine.

Tarnish responds:

Looks like nobody seems to care that when the first time Sonic and the others collected the emeralds, Shadow and Eggman got it the way that lead to loosing all the emeralds. If it wasn't for Shadow and Eggman, maybe Cosmo wouldn't have had to sacrifice herself later.

Not bad, considering how old it is.

I was worried about this series after reading your profile about the possible upcoming project, nut it looks like you still intend to finish this. Perhaps it's just me, but the dialogue boxes took forever to move on to the next line. Perhaps you could allow the watcher to press space to move on? You already addressed the music and scene selection issues. You could try making Eggman's base not so linear. It seemed weird that every door was lined up when Tails was looking for the computer. Speaking of which, I wonder what project Tarnish is all about. Just so you know, I didn't think the sprites looked that bad, although it was kind of weird during the scene where Sonic was running to find Eggman's base. I really can't wait to see his reaction! Anyways, great job. Hurry up and finish this please! I can hardly wait for the next one!

Tarnish responds:

Thx. I doubt that I'll ever make all the projects I have in mind..dunno if I'll even finish this one. And yeah I know that the boxes might move slowly, but some ppl read fast, some slower. Not to mention that the whole flash wasn't as fast as it should have been coz back then I didn't know how to prevent it from slowing down after puting on the net. I could try that space thing, but at parts where the music should be in synch with the movie that could be a problem. And damn, what you want me to do, design Eggman's whole base? About project Tarnish, that was an old idea that I decided to scrap since it didn't really fit in the plot. Maybe I'll make a seperate series about it...maybe..

dude tails is so awsome but you made him awsome'r

I'd give u a 10 but you should have muisic and please finesh it

addvice for the fourth make tails become so crazy that he killz sonic (because when sonic looked for cazmo in the show he did not find her) but then realizes that cazmo would hate him for killing and ends up all alone. :(
but i'm a good writer am i right. :)

Tarnish responds:

Thx, but it did have music, even if it was out of synch with the movie..and I already thought out what I wanna do in the future episodes (if there will be any). Lets just say Tails WILL have a little disagreement with Sonic.

i love it

its too bad it not finshed tho o well
keep up with the good work

Tarnish responds:

Thx. (Can't think of anything else or better to say.)