Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 3 (Scrapped)"

good work

nice job that was great cant wait till the next one comes out

Nice Work

that was cool i wanted to know what happins after the second one i could hardly stand it now u cut it off during him running to the next victim now im gonna go insane waiting for the next one (if you make the next one) and plz im BEGING of you please dont let tails die thats all i ask

Great Score!

I hope this part of "Tails OTWOR" will be cool like last one! Good Luck!

I liked, it's OK.

I love the other parts so I couldn't wait for this. I like the story...no love the story.
Even if ti's scrapped it's a very nice and actually well done flash movie! Can't wait for the final version or the next part or something if you continiu on this.
Why not try to make a cartoon in stead of using sprites to this movie, that would be nice.(In my opinion)


AHH what happens next? BAd place to stop man bad place.. XP The sonic bits are kinda funny though, very great work, nicely done^^. BUT AH I wanna know what happens XP.