Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 3 (Scrapped)"


It's so awesome i need to see more of it, if i can learn to do sptite animation i'll finish this if u'd like.

A Great Series Overall. This Movie Itself Is Good.

The menu is very well made. The animation throughout the movie is excellent. It just runs so smoothly. You really have come a long way since the first Tails On The Way Of Revenge Episode. In my opinion this is your best work with sprites and sprite animation. The music fits perfectly in each scene.

The sound is spot on. You can interact with the movie itself easily. The text is clear and readable. The story in this series so far has really caught my attention . The plot just stopped at the point where the story really caught my attention. Tails on his way to confront Shadow after killing Eggman and taking a gun.

I would of loved to have seen the battle. But I am happy to have seen what you do get done. It probably would of been your best work so far. You improved with the quality of work. To me it have always been good, here it just show how great you can be. The only reason I didn't give a ten was because it was unfinished.

But that still doesn't take away from how well this was done. The few improvements I can mention are these. Perhaps adding the option to advance the text with a button, for those who aren't quick readers. Just a thought. There is nothing in the scene select menu. But this is unfinished so I guess that is expected. That about it, this is unfinished so I do need to keep that in mind.

Moving on, I will finish this review with some deep thoughts. Through your sprite movies with Tails OTWOR you have create a good story. That is reaching great potential. You have from the beginning done great work with this series. And have continued to improve with the quality of your work. It hard to add much more to that, I am not the best when it comes to finding words.

I truly hope you do decide to return to your work with Tails OTWOR. You have something really great with this series and the storyline. There are not many sprites movies or animations that take on this kind of a plot. Even fewer that have the excellent quality of work that you have presented with Tails OTWOR. I do hope you don't give up on this project. You have something special here and also a gift through your skill of sprite animation and plot presentation.

So I wish you the best of luck. And thank you for your work so far. Thanks for making Tails OTWOR. And bringing it here to newgrounds. You may not have the largest fan base. But you do have a strong following of fans with this series.

And we are all rooting for you, that you can finish your work in the future. For now, thank you for the work you have done. And for giving us something here on newgrounds we have come to enjoy. Best wishes and good luck to you in the future with whatever you decide to do.


you've truly improved since the last episode, i truly hope to see this series redone with your new skills if not a complete version of this episode. you're a master flash artist in my opinion! 2 thumbs way up


You know what will be more awesome, if Tails had electric powers that will be so awesome.

there needs to be more

you got a very good thing on your hands you should continue it for the fans or your enjoyment if nothing else so

PLEASE make more!!!