Reviews for "Squigo 6"


Very good, unlike some of the others i had no idea wat was goin 2 happen


Very nicely made. i like you animation style. Its like you r an ametuer with pro knowledge.one thing though.........it makes me wanna dance.......


Btw, Lunchbox troll.... This isn't exactly a new character... 02/28/2002 ...

It was pretty good. 4/10

That wasn't very original. You should also try adding more graphic images if you're going to have 'excessive violence' for your mature rating. That is just my opinion though! You're doing a great job on building this new character, but you should give him more personality. You want people to love him but laugh at him for getting himself killed. Your animation style is kind of .. common, like the Doodlez character on the cartoon network. ^_^ But, that is only my opinion! Keep up the good work!

Awesome but poor Squigo.

it would have been better if the dog that came bak pissed on his head then buried it but its fine the way it is! its awesome! make another!!