Reviews for "Squigo 6"

I can only give this a seven.

^^Good Points^^
I'm still impressed by the fact that this is the sixth episode, and this storyline is completely different from the rest of them, and it was still creative and entertaining. I liked the animation when he was making stuff with the string, and the end was comical. I like how all your ending just seal the end.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is definitely one of the worst parts of this series so far. The death was just kind of lame, not quite as creative as your other ones.

Not that good really....

I've reviewed all of the episodes in this series and i have to say i think that was the worst one so far. I think the guy is running low on ideas.

If only

I looked at that and i want my life back. I think that sucked. I've seen better. Good try though..


nice one tony. always coming with a funny but simple end.even tough dogs aren't that hostile.and cats suck!!!

i was koooollll

i liked this 1 cause it wasent perdictable but there was still alot of vilonce in it <("<)