Reviews for "Squigo 6"

Stick toons for the post-pubescent viewer

Great little movie. Beautifully placed little SFX. A great gag and a stylish animation style. Slightly reminiscent of MTV's 'Stick Theatre'(lined paper backdrop) but otherwise a very original little movie. Top Class.

Something different at last!

Could be longer but quite funny Not making it to complicated is the secret Keep it up!!!

too short but funny and original

im not bothered

Nice series.

The graphics are great, your style is reasonably original, and you seem to working quite hard at this.

However, the first three semed to have the best humour. Now, you seem to be slightly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

And like I said a wee while ago, is your decision to not have a play or continue button actually a conscious decision?

However, at least it's short and to the point.

And most people seem to be finding it funnier than me...

Very Good

I love this series. The style is great. It's always short and right to the point.