Reviews for "Squigo 6"

Wow i wish i could do that (without the dog thing)

Another good Squigo flash, but why do u rate all the Squigos Mature (besides this one, it deserved it)?
Also in the future, for Squigo 7, could u try making it a little longer. More the than like 200KB but less than something huge like 500000000000MB so that we could download it this century.

Thanx for listening (if u did). ~DeadJuggalo~


There all very weird man!
I think that this one is especially weird, but theyre all very short, but they are also all pretty fuckin' awesome!
Simplistic, no plot, and great all around =)

another good one

i love this series, and can't wait for the next one. keep up the great work.

Pretty good, some flaws

I think your whole series is pretty good. The only thing I find disturbing are that they are so short! Notice that in other series more than one violent thing happens to the character. Please take this reveiw into consideration!


there all very weird number 6 is especially weird but im wondering did these things tak you like a day to make or something cuz there all very very short but fuckin awesome none the less