Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


Really good graphics and fun gameplay is a winning combo, so great work.
This has managed to entertain me for ages, so a sequel would be really awesome.
Top notch.

Yarr de Arr

A very fine game you ave there me old matey

good as far a defence games go

i liked that all the enemies had to be killed by a different way which made it more fun than just clicking on random things to kill them. But i would like it if you didn't have to reload the turrets and snipers, that made me sad.


I liked it! This game has a lot to offer... A lot of weapons and upgrades which I really like, and a lot of unique enemies with different ways to kill each one. That was probably the best thing about the game.... Very original! :)
(It took me 22 days! Top that!)
Keep up the good work!

im better than u

i got 17 days take THAT NickManTrifoce