Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

Fun fun fun. Why did it have to end?!?

Yey finished in 17 days. I'd only wish for an online high score (even thou it would make me frustrated to see that the top 10 all finished in 8 days or less lol), Amazingly addictive. When I saw that I had to repair my ship to leave I was sad, cause I knew the fun would end sooner then I expected :/. Not many games make me feel said for beating them, which proves your game is a champ. 10 out of 10 heads down.


this game was really fun and addictive i hope they make a sequel i beat it in 17 days

arr! matey they got me turrets defense

arr matey this is a good game not to hard not to easy maybe you can make a second with bosses and stuff like that :P

Needs a boss level

Fun game. (15 days. Ignore Turrets and ship upgrade. Gunners are your friends. Until they make you walk the plank anyways! XD)

its very good

its really good, but u r bad without a mouse on a laptop. the game is very good, and i liked it.