Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


srsly.....awesome to the max yo! I loved it, very creative, interestn, fun, addictive, nice artwork, funny, action packed, good story, intriguing lil villains, and my fav point of it...PIRATES...simply sick my friend. So any ideas for another game or follow up to this?? anything u can tell us? And just to let u no, now, my fav newgrounds game. Sweet job yo ;) keep it up!!!


great idea and good game.upgrade things is also wonderful


kool game bit easy and reparing your is boring because i had all the upgrades so it was super easy but awsome game 5/5 10/10

Tranggar ;D

wooh oh yeah

i give this a perfect 10 i finished in 17 day but i upgraded everything first adn my ship received no damge

very good

the days werent too long. pretty easy. you neeeed to make another. there should have been more ground for the baddies to cover (when i fired one cannon it pretty much wiped everything out). and that would have been cool if there were upgrades on the snipers guns instead of research. i never got the magnets to get rid of the metal balls. ?? i had to use the canonn.