Reviews for "Muscle Bird"


Not bad animation overall. Terrible syncing with the beak in my opinion. The feathers looked like fur, making this a furrymation, making you a furry. lol jk. But really, most of it was unfunny when I see it was intended in my opinion.

good job.


I liked the steroid part

i'd call that!

not really tho..

That was very well done. i agree with flash's sound sucking.
the quality was great! and the voice acting was good too.

Inspired by Vera de Milo...maybe

Muscle Bird reminds me of another famous skit about bodybuilders...if Muscle Bird can't get a date, maybe Vera de Milo (from In Living Color fame) will date him.

Seriously though, and I know many others have said it, the voice acting was teriffic and intellectual without having to revert to toilet humor.

I'm quite impressed.


funny as hell