Reviews for "Muscle Bird"

Silly, cameramen aren't for tax returns.

Pretty funny. Great voice acting, and the animation was smooth. 4/5.

i loved it

the first intellectual humor ive seen in a while, dont get me wrong i love the occasional immature humor. but it was refreshing to see something that was funny and has great taste in humor. great job dude hoping to see more.

Funny flash

You have a great sense of humor. And did you do Muscle Bird's voice? If so, you have a incredibly deep voice.

i liked it

animation and voice acting was pretty much great.
plus i go to wiltshire college! i don't know why thats important, i just saw the logo flash up at the end.
yay ^-^


i thought this video was very well done and quite entertaining. The animation was great, the humor was witty. I'd like to see more.