Reviews for "Muscle Bird"

awesome art

the art was really impressive, the voice acting was good and its was the perfect legnth. my only problem was with his talking animation, it seemed choppy. oh and dont ever listen to BlueToad "to make what someone else wants" what a load of BS. the humor wasnt fantastic but at least it was a fricken orignal! it wasnt another sprite movie, AMV, stick fight, or DBZ parody. Great job, keep doin what you do and dont ever listen to people like BlueToad

Harvey Birdman

This is like Harvey Birdman or any other Short show u would Watch on Adult Swim!(In other words Good Animation but SHITTY ass Humor) You have Good Talent bro u could make wayyy better...How Ever i think this Deserved Front page b/c your Very Talented!

waste of talent

it has that knock off Sat cartoon feel... you know the ones on the channels that no one watches. I thought it was a big waste of talent... if I had talent that good I would of made a better video... I think you ought to just listen to people and what they want ( take a lot of direction on what they want ) and use your talent to make what someone else wants and you'll probably have a good film

i dig it

muscle bird? funny as hell. the voice acting was great but some of the humor was a little off. Still, quite funny by any means. I really wanna see more muscle bird.

8 but not a 10

it was good but not worthy a 10.