Reviews for "Halo vs Mortal Kombat #1"

i saw this on youtube

i knew the master chief was going 2 win

good but...

i don't understan the end but i'm giving 10

like it

I like it,but i don't get one thing.Why every "Figting game" vs Mortal Kombat" flash movie, moves in favor of the fighting game.Seriosly, i like street fighter,mortal kombat and halo, but is it just me or ppl h8 mk and r trying to make it look bad or smthin?Im not talking bout this particular movie,its the only one thats got halo mixed up with mk and the effort is great.And ofcourse MC would win,MK's got many fighters while he's only one.Anyway great movie,but you might wanna add voice to it if ur gonna make another one.Sorry if this sounded like a rant :P


That was funny as hell. It got me entertained. Masterchief kicks ass, but againts mortal kombat......I'll have to think about that one. Hey, wheres the last guy from the Ultimate Mortal Combat 3? He takes me forever!!! Well, that was good. 10/10

omg totally wrong

good sprite animation and crossover but master cheif wouldn't last 10 min. in the mk universe especially against sub-zero or scorpion. yet it still gets a 10 for the sprite and story perfection.