Reviews for "Halo vs Mortal Kombat #1"


That shit was funny... Cheif got pwned by shang!!!!


ill try and explain this the best way i know how being a MK fan and a halo hater at the same time. mixing games like this is always going to piss someone off. its like a balance between the two and the objective should be to keep it as balanced as possible. with that said, youve made the mk characters look like piss ants. just saying "im sorry mk fans" wont appease many to any. However i respect the fact that you spent most likely hours upon hours putting this together just to hear...."hey dude nobody likes a fanboy dont mess with the classics "but......unless we see some major mk pwnage in the next project related to this.....the mk fanboys (including me) wont be supporting it very well. one last thing though- you still have the halo fanboys on your side :D overall....the description still doesnt exactly explain why the hell master chief is doing indiana jones's job. thats defenitly a unique character for the chief so its good originality. but the story is kinda random and.....ive covered the fight scenes i believe. the humor fits the description of the humor, its actually not a bad video but us mk fanboys take a slap to the face from this(no matter how awsomely oversold halo is compared to mk's dragged out run) have a nice day :D


Dude the animation is good. but the whole thing about halo being more popular then MK i dont know about that. Plus these games r from to different ends or the gaming spectrum. MK was the shit back in the day and Halo is the shit now but u cant say one is better than the other. Thats like saying little Wyane is better than Metallica. U can compare two different things like that. But good job i enjoyed the clip it was good and kind of funny. The double kill nice reference.


why are people saying this is bad without giving a good reason, maybe they doesnt explain the story, does that make it a terrible animation? If they are a fanboy (wich they are saying they are not) that is no reasong to make this bad. I thinks its very entertaining and some bits made me laugh. FOOLS.

Was this supposed to be funny?

From one idiot fanboy to another, this was retarded. You never even explain why hes looking for this "hidden skull". And honestly, I dont care.

mans1ay3r responds:

Well, thanks for not reading the description.. Its always nice when people write reviews that have a question that was already answered in the description... you probably didnt even watch the entire video either. Fanboy? I just like spoofing popular gaming characters but sure, fanboy.. lol.. I upload two Master Chief animations and now I'm a fanboy regardless of the fact that I havent even touched Halo since umm it came out? gotta love that term.. fanboy.. haha at least one of us is funny..