Reviews for "Halo vs Mortal Kombat #1"

Well done

Hopefully you get far in the world of newgrounds.

over all good animation

and you keep the viewers interest.

Thanks and i hope to see more from you ^ ^

One of the best "vs" flashess ive seen.

Im not usually a fan of anything with "vs" in the title where they mix up two completely crappy types of animations together to form an even crappier story.

But this my friend was just great. Now that I think of it, Master Cheif looks like he belongs in mortal kombat. Anyways, good work, I just hope we dont see tooo many "MK vs everything" flashes now that the game is coming out.

mans1ay3r responds:

Haha, I agree with you on the "vs" issue. People will combine two things and think suddenly its "vs".. you wont find any of that crap from me. :)

it was pretty good

i loved the sprites they were so awesome! haha i stink at making sprites but those were great. funny storyline overall 9/10!

Not bad

That was pretty entertaining. I don't think it was "too short," but I will say I probably could have watched just a whole lot more had there been more. Nice work. Let's see a sequel (possibly with better graphics if at all possible).


Obviously just another bloke obsessed with his 360.

mans1ay3r responds:

I'm 22, just graduated, working a real job and like to make animations based on videogame characters when I have some free time. Obsessed with my 360? Where does that come from... I have a lot going for me than most others my age. Are you that dissatisfied with your life you attack people you know absolutely nothing about...

Thanks for your comment, wasnt even a review.