Reviews for "Halo vs Mortal Kombat #1"


fantastic animation and great job of making master chief act like the way the ai's do in mortal kombat. awesome idea too.

mans1ay3r responds:

Thanks man, I pretty much used theater to Photoshop every single Master Chief frame to make him look like he belongs in that environment! Its not perfect but I always appreciate those that liked it!


hey dude nobody likes a fanboy dont mess with the classics mortal kombat is extremely popular in every country but halo is in the us and canada and dont mess with the classics mortal kombat has gone far and deserves your respect!

mans1ay3r responds:

I was actually going to redeem Mortal Kombat in the next episode but yeah.. more MK fans keep getting pissy. I'm actually a big fan of MK, which is why I put the two together. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Halo is more popular than MK now.. not going to get into stats because I'm sure you have heard at least one of the records Halo has broken.. I'm hoping MK v DC Universe will be great but MK is beyond its prime, doesnt take a genius to see that. There are more Master Chief fans out there right now than MK, but I'm a fan of both.

Just thought I'd inform you. I know what the video's rating is by now but thanks for your "2" fellow MK fan. =)


This must have been SO time consuming man! Those sprites really don't look ripped from screenshots at all! I love the three frame walk cycle on the chief, that looks exactly like how people walk in real life! Great job!

mans1ay3r responds:

Haha thanks for the laugh.. its not my fault people like my three frame walk cycle more than your meaningless fruits...

Its only my second(keyword) flash video and I got 5th place daily award on NG. Feel sorry for people that couldnt get anywhere with something as simple as 30 second bouncing strawberries... So I'll take jealous reviews from egotistical people like you any day... gonna go get some strawberries cuz Im HUNGRYYYYY.. haha.. what a joke.. I eat crap like you for breakfast.. oh wait.. ew nvm...

very nice

wow you did an awesome job on those chief sprites, overall it was pretty good aswell, I'll give you 4/5


i hate toad, hes so annoying! "Im sorry but the skull is in another level" XD im glad he got killed! :D