Reviews for "Halo vs Mortal Kombat #1"

nice sprites you made

And that ending was so great, soory, but the skull is in another level,...zap! :D


Pretty funny. Nice work on the animations.


I liked it, although wasn't completely in my taste. Though I loved the GTFO bit. And not to forget the O.o. Good job. Did you eally make those Master Chief sprites yourself? Nice ending too.


That was actually pretty cool. Didn't you put this in a series of short videos on youtube? I remember seeing them there.

Had it all

This flash really had it all. Obviously as you've said the fights need extended. One other thing I think would only help would be if during the fights maybe you could make a blue flash every time chief gets hit (I know the level of difficulty flash this was so I'm not sure how easy that would be) Showing his shield going down. Not that not having it took anything away from an already maxed out vote, but it would be neat.

I'm not sure if you're making it a "series" or if you're just going to make more like you said about the terminator. You should incorporate both into it, sort've a "meanwhile" thing where as the terminator is looking for John Connor, Chief's still looking for the skull. That sorta thing.

Oh and lastly, the whole entire time that dang toad was there I was hoping and preying you'd do what you did. So bonus points for that.