Reviews for "Halo vs Mortal Kombat #1"


that was HILARIOUS!! keep it up but make the fights longer.


it wasent that good i dident like the fact that master cheif couldent really be hurt by the ppl from mk plus i agree with poperotsi it wasent that funny

Good, Good... NOW FINISH HIM!

I liked it a lot, hope to see you finish the Figh... EHem ... story.

i like it,

but does anyone remember animorphs? i thought that centar dude resembled an andilite... anyway, i thought that this was a brilliant flash, although the master chief movments was quite, err, blockey, i dont know why, anyway i hope to see more!

i am not tring to be mean ....

but i just didnot like it , shure mortal combat was one of me fav games back when i was a kid , but i just didnt find eny humor in it . sry